We often take for granted the background processes and services that ensure the information we transmit over the internet or through a financial transaction is secured.

Our Prism-branded cryptography products and services not only provide security technology for financial institutions such as banks, retailers and the like, but have defined the very security standards upon which countless local and international organisations operate.

  • We were the first company in Africa to achieve FIPS140-2 (Federal Information Processing Standards) international security certification (for our TSM410 and TSM500).
  • We were also the first cryptography provider globally to achieve PCI HSM version 2.0 certification (TSM500i).
  • As a longstanding member of the STS Association we played an integral role in setting the original STS standards for prepaid electricity vending, and are currently a member of the STS2 standards setting body.

Our self-developed range of PIN encryption devices, card acceptance devices and Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) are primarily aimed at the financial, retail, telecommunication, utilities and petroleum sectors.

Prism TSM500 and TSM500i

The TSM500 series of Hardware Security Modules comes in two variants: a universal PCI-express bus device, and an NSS (Network Security Server) that provides transaction security services via TCP/IP using an Ethernet interface. They are both plug-in compatible with Postilion and Traderoot software, and feature Tamper-Responsive hardware. The TSM500 is certified to FIPS 140-2 level 3 overall, and the TSM500i is certified to PCI HSM v2.0 requirements.

All TSM500 and TSM500i models are performance upgradeable on site, allowing customers to purchase a crypto solution that is suited to their existing processing needs and upgrade as their requirements change.

Available in a range of models from 20 TDES PIN translations per second upwards, the TSM500i-NSS offers the best combination of physical security, performance and price in the industry.

Prism TSM250

The Prism TSM250 is an affordable Hardware Security Module (HSM) used in Standard Transfer Specification (STS) prepaid vending environments.

Featuring anti-tamper protection at a silicon level, the TSM250 is designed to meet PCI HSM v2.0 requirements, ensuring unparalleled system security along with complete peace of mind for the vendor.

USB-enabled for broad compatibility, the device offers a simple message-based programmer interface and supports both existing STS standards as well as the new STS standards for prepaid vending.

Supporting all modern Windows operating systems including XP, 2003, Vista, 7 and 8, the TSM250 offers utility suppliers the perfect offline solution for their prepaid and/or sub-metering needs.

Prism TSM210

The TSM210 Hardware Security Module (HSM) is an affordable, tamper-proof device that provides message authentication and encryption services, as well as hardware support for DES, TDES and RSA algorithms.

It supports flexible interfacing options, a simple message-based programmer interface and STS standards for prepaid vending.

Based on a security processor with anti-tamper protection at a silicon level, the TSM210 features on-chip temperature sensors to protect against temperature attacks, as well as external program memory that is encrypted using TDES and a double-length key stored internally in the tamper-protected memory of the security processor.

Models available include the TSM210-USB, TSM210-PCI-Universal andTSM210-PCI-STA.

Prism TSM110

The TSM110 Hardware Security Module (HSM) is a chip-based Secure Access Module (SAM) designed specifically for financial transaction applications and EMV terminal support. It provides various cryptographic functions including EMV crypto, DUKPT PIN encryption and PIN translation, as well as APACS, EP2, RSA and generic support services, all through a single silicon platform.

Ideally suited for use in EFTPOS terminals, the TSM110 offers terminal functions to support EMV2000 level 2 while simultaneously providing hardware acceleration for DES, TDES and RSA algorithms.

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